The Big 3’s Greatest Moments: Part 2 Dwyane Wade

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Whether you knew him as “Flash”, “D-Wade” or “Father Prime”, Dwyane Wade was the heart and soul of the Miami Heat after being drafted fifth in the loaded 2003 NBA draft, until his departure to the Chicago Bulls in 2016. Wade won his first NBA Championship in 2006, capturing the finals MVP award with one of the best finals performances to date. But Wade is a competitor and he wanted more, so he teamed up with two fellows 2003 draftees: his best friend Lebron James and Chris Bosh. The trio, only together for four years, experienced remarkable accomplishments, four straight finals appearances and took home the Larry O’Brien trophy twice. Even though Dwyane Wade plays with the Chicago Bulls now, the memories will always be there for Miami Heat fans. Miami will forever be “Wade County”.

These are Dwyane Wade’s top three moments during the Big Three era, which produced numerous highlights and memories for Miami Heat fans:

No. 3- June 2. 2011 | NBA Finals Game 2 | Dallas Mavericks @ Miami Heat

The 2011 finals were supposed to be the start of a dynasty that the Big Three promised at their welcoming parade. This was going to be the start of not 1, not 2, not 3…. well you know how the famous speech goes. Unfortunately, the Dallas Mavericks had different plans. They beat the Heat in six games and ended their chances of celebrating with the Larry O’ Brien trophy. Even though Miami didn’t come away with the championship, Wade had one of his most impressive finals performances of his career. He exploded with 36 points and shot 13 for 20 from the field. He had six assists, five rebounds and only turned the ball over once. Lebron James and Chris Bosh combined to shoot 12 for 31 from the field that game and the Heat lost by two points. Miami would ultimately fall to the Mavericks in six games, leaving a bad taste in the mouth of Heat fans to this day.

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