The Big 3’s biggest moments: Part 3- Lebron James

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The Big 3 for the Miami Heat each had numerous moments that made fans know they were witnessing greatness. In their four year run together they never missed the NBA Finals and hoisted the Larry O’Brien trophy twice. In Part 1 of our series on the Big 3 in Miami, Daniel Adelstein profiled Chris Bosh. During Part 2 Dion Webster relived the greatest moments from Dwyane Wade. Lebron James brought his talents to South Beach for moments like these and made sure to leave Heat fans with a lasting impression of his world class talent. Now in Part 3 of our series we profile Lebron James’ 3 biggest moments from his time with the Heat.

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No. 3- Game 6 2013 NBA Finals vs San Antonio “The Headband”

This was an iconic game for the Miami Heat franchise that was full of incredible moments. Chris Bosh’s rebound and kick to Ray Allen for the game tying 3. The American Airlines Arena staff lining up the Spurs bench with yellow tape in anticipation of a trophy ceremony for the visitors. How about the hoards of Heat fans that left the arena early but tried, and failed, to get back in to witness history? None of these lasting memories would have been possible without another epic performance by Lebron James.

Despite the fact James had a triple double with 32 points, 11 rebounds, and 10 assists, it wasn’t his most dominant performance in terms of efficiency. He only shot 11 of 26 overall and at times was tentative as San Antonio played off and dared him to take jump shots. The reason this game makes the list is because of the overall impact of the game on the Heat as a franchise, and as another piece of James’ legacy.

All of a sudden in the fourth quarter, the Heat were trailing by 10 and fans started to file out of the arena. However with around nine minutes to play Lebron lost his headband on a dunk which Tim Duncan ill advisedly tried to block.

Now unencumbered by his trademark headband, Lebron switched into kill mode. For the last nine minutes of the game, James was a different player. The aforementioned dunk had reduced the Spurs lead to three and a barrage of drives, shot blocks, and a clutch 3-pointer with under a minute to go gave the Heat life. The last minute of regulation would be remembered most for Chris Bosh’s crucial rebound and Ray Allen’s epic 3 from the corner to send it to overtime. Miami would win the game in overtime and close out the series in Game 7 to earn their third championship as an organization.

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