First Round Preview: Miami Heat versus Philadelphia 76ers

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Key Matchup

Ben Simmons Versus Goran Dragic: 

The first and maybe the most important matchup in this series will be the battle of the point guards. Ben Simmons and Goran Dragic are both extremely important to their team.

The 76ers rely on Simmons to give them the full package. Simmons is expected to rebound, score, and keep his teammates involved. So far this season, this task has been no problem for Simmons. Currently averaging 15.8 points, 8.1 rebounds, and 8.2 assists. Meanwhile, Goran Dragic is the man who controls the offense of the Miami Heat. Dragic is in charge of pushing the ball up the floor and putting pressure on the defense. Dragic averages the most points (17.3) and the most assists (4.8) for the Miami Heat.

With this specific matchup, there are two important factors to note. First, is the fact that Simmons has a seven-inch height advantage over Dragic. This will be a nightmare for the Heat as they attempt to stop Simmons from abusing Dragic in the paint. Secondly, Dragic will struggle to use his biggest strength against Simmons. Usually, Dragic is a full step faster than his opponent. However, Simmons will not lose an inch when trying to keep up with Dragic. Despite his height, Simmons has proven to be one of the fastest players in the league. Furthermore, Simmons runs an average of 2.53 miles per game. This is the fifth highest average in the NBA. If that statistic wasn’t convincing enough, take a look at each player’s average speed. Dragic runs an average of 4.51 miles per hour while Simmons runs an average of 4.54.

Dragic will certainly be a worthy opponent. But, it appears the Simmons has the advantage in this matchup.

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