Future of the Marlins Franchise is Shining Bright

The Marlins quickly became the laughing stock of the league because of yet another rebuild. Under the new Jeter/Sherman ownership, beloved Marlins stars were shipped away to new clubs. These stars included Giancarlo Stanton, Marcell Ozuna, Christian Yelich, and Dee Gordon. As painful as it was to watch these franchise players go, they brought back the future of the organization.

Stanton trade

In the trade that sent Stanton to the Yankees, Jorge Guzman and Jose Devers along with Starlin Castro were sent to the Marlins. Jorge Guzman, who was the Yankees No.9 prospect is a fireballing right handed pitcher who is constantly clocked at 97-103 MPH. He is the Marlins #5 ranked prospect.

Jose is only eighteen years old, but he is the most athletic and clean fielding you will find in an eighteen year old. Devers is showing signs of being an excellent leadoff hitter. Devers makes pitchers work to get him out and he raises their pitch counts with long at bats. He also has speed to help him out in the leadoff spot. Devers is Miami’s #12 ranked prospect.

Ozuna trade

In the trade that sent Marcell Ozuna to the Cardinals, the Marlins received a four prospect package. Two prospects that highlighted the package were Sandy Alcantara and Magneuris Sierra. 

Sandy Alcantara is currently the Marlin’s number two prospect who has shown promise already in the majors. He’s 2-0 a 0.75 era in two big league starts this season.

Magneuris Sierra is no longer eligible to be considered a prospect, but is a speedy outfielder with a strong arm. His hitting will eventually catch up with him with more development.

Gordon trade

The Dee Gordon trade has gone the Marlin’s way so far. Miami sent Gordon to Seattle for three prospects. RHP Nick Neidert, RHP Robert Dugger, and SS Christopher Torres.

All three prospects immediately entered the Marlin’s Top 30 prospect list. Neidert entered as #3, Dugger #22 and Torres #17 ranked prospects. The most highlighted prospect however, is Nick Neidert.

Neidert has a bright future in the organization, as do the other prospects in the Gordon package. In AA Jacksonville, he posted a 3.24 ERA with 154 Ks and only 31 walks. His best pitch is his changeup with a grade 60. His plus changeup helps him keep hitters off balance and keeps them guessing on what his next move is.

Yelich trade

The Christian Yelich trade is the most unpopular one of them all among Marlin’s fans. Yelich was poised to be the face of the franchise with Stanton gone until the Brewers became interested.

After Stanton, Ozuna, and Gordon were dealt, Yelich’s relationship with the Marlins became broken. All four players came up through the minors together, and them being traded didn’t sit well with Yelich. 

Yelich requested to be traded, he no longer wanted to be part of the organization. The Marlins would eventually deal Yelich to the Brewers for a four prospect package. Lewis Brinson, Monte Harrison, Isan Diaz, and Jordan Yamamoto.

Lewis Brinson would be the Marlin’s #1 prospect and baseball’s #5 ranked outfield prospect for a short time before being promoted. Monte Harrison would then become the Marlin’s #1 prospect after Brinson’s promotion and is currently MLB’s #76 ranked prospect. Harrison is a power hitting outfielder with plus power, speed and arm. His speed makes him a threat on the basepaths.


Isan Diaz, a shortstop, is currently the Marlin’s #8 ranked prospect who also has plus power and speed. He may have a high strikeout rate as of right now, but he also walks batters at an increase percentage. With more development, he could become a scary asset in a lineup.

The last of the prospects included in the Yelich trade is RHP Jordan Yamamoto. Yamamoto was considered a “throw in” for Yelich but proved to be more than that. In his 2018 Minor League season, Yamamoto dominated across three levels. Over the year his combined totals for the Marlins were- a 1.83 ERA in 68.2 innings with 85 Ks and only 14 walks. Not bad for a “throw in”.

Marlin’s fans may be upset at the organization for trading away beloved players yet again but the franchise is in good hands. Prospects and a strong farm system are needed for a successful organization and Jeter did just that. He acquired multiple top tier prospects.

Jeter is steering the franchise in the right direction. The Marlin’s development team is among baseball’s best under newly hired Gary Denbo. Jeter hired Denbo straight from the Yankee organization. Denbo helped Jeter get out of his slump in the 2011 season. With that being said Jeter knows that Denbo is an important piece in the success of the organization. 

The Miami Marlins are headed in the right direction and soon will be a contender despite all the negative obstacles that come with a rebuild.

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