What Should the Heat do with All-Star Point Guard Goran Dragic?

When it comes to Goran Dragic, the Heat are stuck in between a rock and a hard place.

Since LeBron’s departure in 2014, Miami has done anything but roll over and die. While the Heat haven’t been the top-tier team they were before, they have still been competitive. Miami has made the playoffs two times in the last four years, in large part to Goran Dragic. Since becoming a member of the Heat, he has averaged a 17 points, 5 assists, and 4 rebounds per game — the best numbers of his career. In the most recent season, the 31-year-old point guard made his first All-Star game, as he was playing the best basketball of his career.

So now that Miami is stuck in the middle of the Eastern Conference, is it time to trade while his stock is high?

His name has been in trade rumor for couple years now, but it seems they are most realistic now. The Heat made the playoffs last year, but it’s obvious they aren’t the front runner in the Eastern Conference. Now people are thinking that they should begin the rebuild in Miami, starting that with shipping out Dragic.

Should the Heat trade Goran Dragic?

While Miami is still a solid team, a rebuild might not be the worst thing for them at this point. They have a plethora of young talent, but when your “stars” are Dragic and a struggling Hassan Whiteside, there is a problem. The Heat may be better off rebuilding around Justice Winslow, Josh Richardson, Tyler Johnson, Bam Adebayo, and Kelly Olynk. If that is the case, then trading Dragic might make the most sense.

If they do trade Dragic, what could they expect to get in return?

When deciding whether or not to trade Dragic, it mostly depends on what Miami could get for him. In my humble opinion, Miami should try to shop him to a contending team looking for a capable starting point guard, then they would hold all the power in the trade. Miami would be looking to either receive young talent or draft picks in return for Dragic, and they would probably find a good suitor for him. One above-average team in my mind that could use his talents is the New Orleans Pelicans. They have a couple young players to match Dragic’s salary and adding a first-round draft pick to that package could sway the Heat to move him.

It was a fun ride while it lasted, but Miami really needs to think about trading Goran Dragic. He is playing the best basketball of his career and is very solid. His top-notch play is wasted with the Heat. Miami has young talent and are in a wide-open East right now, and a rebuild may only last a couple years before returning to prominence. That may start with trading Goran Dragic.


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