Miami Hurricanes: Local artist unites Canes family with his work

Local artist Beau Bradbury has made a name for himself with his Miami Hurricanes artwork that he shares with Canes Family all across the nation. He first gained celebrity back in New York City by performing some outrageous stunts to get attention. Miami Sports Wave spoke with Beau about his interesting journey and his new cause to share his work in a very unique way.


You may be walking along the concourse at Hard Rock Stadium and notice something taped to a pillar. Or to a tree on the University of Miami campus. You never know where you might find a Beau Bradbury original, but you’ll be glad you did. His work is gaining popularity in Canes’ Country as he has donated countless works for over a decade. With plenty more on the way.


“This summer I went across the country giving away Sebastian paintings which has not only helped me meet fans, but has brought fans together. Within 15 minutes of posting a free painting online it would already be taken but then there would be a picture of four different Canes fans who met each other at the free painting site location. It’s really amazing how art and sports can bring so many different people together”. – Beau Bradbury

                                                                                               .                                  A picture of Sebastian adorns a tree in Coral Gables.

Getting noticed

Bradbury grew up in Washington State and also Panama City, FL before relocating to New York to pursue his art career. In the New York City art world, you have to do something bold to get noticed. As a freelance artist, Bradbury did exactly that in 2010 to put himself on the map.

The first time I was publicly noticed as an artist was in 2010. I went into a gallery and spray painted “Beau Knows” over a painting worth $40k. The work was by Mr. Brainwash, a contemporary of Banksy. The gallery was in the meatpacking district, I went inside and used a stencil and black spray paint to paint on the piece. Although the gallery stayed quiet, word got out on the street about my stunt.

Bradbury eventually settled in Miami and starting working on numerous projects in the area. His girlfriend Rebecca was getting her MBA at the University of Miami, and Beau painted her a Sebastian the Ibis while working on a mural in Downtown Miami. That was the first time he had painted Sebastian on the street, but it was another more personal project that forged a genuine connection with the Miami Hurricanes.

Sebastian the Ibis

What really put him in the spotlight, locally and internationally, was the image you see at the top of this article. Anyone who was here last year knows the effect that Hurricane Irma had on this area, and one of Bradbury’s most recognized works took shape in the time leading up to landfall.

South Beach was evacuated but we decided to stay behind and bunk up in a parking garage. I painted Sebastian with the caption “You Don’t Scare Us Irma” on a hurricane shutter mural in front of the historic Geneva Hotel in South Beach. To our surprise, this mural went viral across the globe. When Irma hit, you couldn’t google the hurricane without seeing that mural. Celebrities like Alex Rodriguez posted it on social media, it was nuts. The mural gave the community a message of hope in a time of fear.


What’s next

Bradbury is working on putting on an art show with the UM Sports Hall of Fame called “Legends Never Die” where he will be painting Miami Hurricanes football legends. In  addition they will be putting on second annual group show with UM Greek Week called “Last to Leave, First to Arrive.”

You can follow Beau Bradbury on Twitter @_____beau and also purchase his work here.



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