Solo D raps about “Turnover Chain”, Miami sports

Miami rap artist Solo-D is a local figure that’s known for his hit “Turnover Chain” among many others. He’s been a loyal Miami sports fan his entire life and has crossed over his passion for sports into his flourishing music career. We caught up with him and asked him about two of his favorite passions: music and Miami sports.


MSW: Tell us a little about how you first became a fan of the Hurricanes?


Solo D: I have been a Canes fans since I was about 5 years old. My Grandfather started working there and always brought us Canes gear! I didn’t even like football at the time…I  just loved the colors and logo!


MSW: How did the song “Turnover Chain” come about? Was there a moment during a game where you were like –  “I have to make this a song!”

Solo D: I went to the Syracuse game and got to feel the energy that it brought. I actually see us get a few chains  in person and realized it needed a theme song! The song repeats Turnover Chain so many times to reflect how many we kept getting over and over… and how many more we wanted!

MSW: Will there be a remix if the Turnover Chain is a hit again this season?


Solo D: I just dropped a new Anthem for Canes fans called ‘Cane Gang’ that favors the same type of energy of Turnover Chain. The difference is its not specifically for the defense getting a turnover –  its for the entire Canes Family, and all our Miami sports fans! I also dropped another Canes Anthem called ‘Canes Over Here’ that features the legendary group No Good, they made the classic Canes song ‘Ballin Boys’ back in 2001. The track also features  Truthh Talkk, a dope Miami Artist who raps bilingually on the song.


MSW: You have written songs about other Miami teams, and even one with a cameo from Jarvis Landry. What’s been the reaction to that song now that he is no longer a Dolphin?


Solo D: The Jarvis Landry song is still relevant to me because its all about going hard and aiming to be the best at what you do. ‘Juice Up’ wasn’t a tribute song to Jarvis Landry. It was a salute to his hard work and effort exhibited while here in Miami, while comparing it to my hard work and grind as a rapper! The fans have to appreciate that!

MSW: Give us a preview of your next hit, what are you working on?


Solo D: Be on the look out for three new Miami Sports Music albums – one strictly for Dolfan Music one for Canes Music and one compilation that includes the Miami Heat, Florida Panthers, and Miami Marlins. Miami everything!! I will always represent us in my own unique way! #HomeTeam

Big thanks to Solo D and his team for putting this together! Make sure to follow them on Twitter @SOLOD305 and @MIASportsMusic. You can find his catalog here.




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