Success for Urena since Acuna Incident

Jose Urena has found some recent success since hitting Ronald Acuna back in August. Since hitting Acuna, in his last five starts he has produced a 2.16 ERA with 8 ER in 33.1 IP with 22Ks.

Urena who is known for hitting batters with his two seam fastball has not hit a single batter since hitting Acuna. The Acuna HBP must’ve been a wake up call. Ever since, he has been rather dominant.

Before plunking Acuna, Urena had hit a total of 10 batters. That’s a pretty high number in 23 starts before the Acuna incident.

Many believe Urena hit Acuna purposefully, and rightfully so, considering the streak Acuna was on. Before getting hit, Acuna had been on a tear including lead-off homers in three consecutive games.

So naturally when a player is on a streak like that and gets HBP on the first pitch off the game, speculation rises. People were definitely not happy with Urena whether it was on purpose or not.

Urena is in the running of potentially being named “National League Pitcher of the Month.” Jose has the potential to become a true ace if he can get his control down. Command has been an issue, his electric fastball that can get as high as 98 mph would be a huge weapon for him if he can control it.

His fastball has nice run into right handed batters which does produce hit batters but also broken bats. Right handed hitters get jammed often on his two seam fastball and don’t make solid contact. Producing a fastball with command and high velocity will definitely be a plus pitch for Urena.

Nonetheless, he has shown that he can make adjustments and produce quality starts consistently. A little more development and Urena could be a dominant top or middle rotation starter.

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