Victor Victor Mesa Declared Free Agent

Victor Victor Mesa along with his younger brother were finally declared free agents yesterday by MLB.

With his free agency being declared, Victor Victor is officially the #1 International Prospect. He was a star for the Cuban National team before defecting to the US back in May. He is the son of legendary Cuban National Team manager Victor Mesa Sr.

Victor Mesa Sr. led the Cuban National Team to a gold medal in the 1992 Olympics, and has won a total of 19 gold medals throughout his career.  He won 5 gold medals in the Baseball World Cup, and another 5 gold medals and one silver in the Intercontinental Cup.

Mesa Sr. won 4 gold medals in the Pan American games. In the Central American and Caribbean Games, he won 3 gold medals and 1 silver medal. In the Goodwill Games, Mesa won 1 gold medal.

Who’s Down on the Farm for the Marlins?

Now, the sons of the legendary Victor Mesa Sr. have defected to the US and have been declared free agents. Both brothers are now eligible to sign with any MLB team. While both brothers are eligible to sign, everyone’s eyes in the baseball community are on Victor Victor Mesa.

The older brother started his professional career at age 16. His career stats for 6 seasons are .271 BA, 11 HRs, 137 RBIs and an OPS of .712.

Victor Victor is a great defender with a strong arm. He is also a plus runner with plus base running skills. He also has good ability to put the ball in play which makes him a good leadoff hitter.

The two front-runners for Victor Victor are the Orioles and the Marlins. The Orioles have $6,738,500 left in International bonus pool money. However, the Orioles have already made it clear that they were not going to spend it all on one player. The Marlins have a total of $4,319,500 remaining which is hopefully enough to persuade Mesa into signing with Miami.

If the Marlins are able to sign Victor Victor and his brother, or just Victor Victor, the Cuban fan base in Miami would be excited to say the least. Seeing two Cuban stars in Marlin’s uniforms will most definitely bring more Cuban fans to the ballpark.

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