Top 10 Marlins All Time: #10 Livan Hernandez

Livan Hernandez, one of the Marlin’s well-known pitchers in the franchise’s history earned his place at #10 on this list. His postseason success during the 1997 World Series run for the Marlins earned him that recognition. His regular season numbers may not be the best for a player on a top ten list. However, without Livan, there would only be one World Series title in Marlins’ history.

The Florida Marlins signed Livan in January of 1996, but it wasn’t a simple journey for Hernandez. His road to signing with a Major League team involved him traveling quite a bit. Livan defected Cuba while playing in Mexico for the Cuban National Team. After secretly leaving the team, he then flew to the Dominican Republic where the Marlins found him. After the Fish found him, he was then flown to Miami to work out the details of his contract that got him onto a big league club.

Livan made his MLB debut as a September call-up in 1996 against the Atlanta Braves. Hernandez threw three innings allowing no runs while striking out two. Hernandez would be permanently called up for the 1997 season and would be a Marlin from 1996-1999.

Hernandez’s regular season stats with the Marlins throughout his three-year tenurd were neither terrible or great. Livan’s stat line with the Marlins is as follows: 24W-24L, 469.2 innings pitched, 333 strikeouts, 199 walks, 70 games started, with a 4.39 ERA.

Livan’s postseason stats for the Marlins is what got him on the top 10 list. In the postseason, including the World Series, Hernandez is 4-0 with a 3.18 ERA in 5 games started. Hernandez also set a postseason record for strikeouts in a postseason game. In Game 5 of the 1997 NLCS, Livan struck out 15 Atlanta Braves.

Livan Hernandez won the 1997 World Series MVP after winning both Game 1&5 for the Florida Marlins. His performances in those two games helped propel the Florida Marlins to their first World Series title in the franchises’ first four years of existence.

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