Marlins’ J.T. Realmuto Wins Silver Slugger

It’s only fitting that the league’s best hitting catcher wins the award for being the best hitter at that position. And J.T Realmuto did just that…

Realmuto was batting a .277 average and slugging 21 home runs while driving in 74 RBIs. Which enabled him to take home his first and quite possibly his only Silver Slugger award in a Marlins’ uniform. With the catcher market heating up, Realmuto’s time as a Marlin could be coming to an end.

Because of Realmuto’s success so far in his recent years, teams are becoming more and more interested in acquiring the stud catcher. Every year he proves time and time again that he is the most athletic catcher in the game. He is the fastest catcher and the most agile.

In his last three seasons, Realmuto has not batted below a .275 average and has hit 10 or more home runs in his last four full seasons. I don’t know about you but Realmuto is they type of player that’d I give a pretty penny too. Also if I was the Marlins I’d honestly trade him for the best prospects he could bring in.

Teams would be willing to give up possibly their prized prospects for the best hitting catcher especially if that team had catcher troubles. Now that J.T. has a silver slugger to his name, his value to other teams has quite possibly gone up. The Marlins basically control the catcher market, teams are less likely to make catcher acquisitions until J.T. is off the table for sure.

While the Marlins are looking to extend their prized player, if he doesn’t sign the extension then the possibility that he will be bringing in prospects that will help the Marlins compete faster than people expect them too via trade is much much higher.

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