The Wave’s Daily Fantasy Update: 11/30

Hello fantasy sports fans! Well, that NFL game was a letdown. Unless, of course, you’re a Cowboys fans. Our line-up in the showdown did okay, Dak as captain was a good call, but we could have gone with Elliott. The Watson, Maher, and Kamara picks were all let downs. Go figure, we’ll take another crack at the NFL on Sunday’s update.

The 3-game NBA slate proved to be ripe for fantasy options, everyone did pretty well, but once again we underestimated the Clippers. Grabbing Durant and LBJ was smart, but Kawhi would have nicer to have over Lowry. The Kings don’t actually trust Harry Giles yet, what a shocker. There are 11 NBA games on deck for tonight, so we have a lot to sift through. I’ll put together a couple line-ups, one with risk and one that is safe.

NBA: 11 Games

Lets look at the risky line-up first:

I call this line-up risky because the only sure bets are Anthony Davis and Ben Simmons. Not saying the rest are scrubs, but fantasy wise they are unpredictable. Tatum, Dedmon, Parker, and Jackson, should put up solid numbers. Frazier had a great stat line in his last game and I really love how much of a pure point guard he is. Craig is starting for Denver and he is cheap, that’s basically all I got there. It’s not a sure bet, but I have high hopes for this one.

I guess this line-up is a safer bet, but who really knows:

Headlined by James Harden, Damian Lillard, and Marc Gasol, who are all coming off monster games. I really like the players I put around them. Schroder is playing his old team, i’m sure he wants to torch them. Jackson is the sophomore that everyone forgets about, but he is starting tonight. Plumlee is a really good back-up center and he is also going back to Portland to face a former squad. In fact, that seems to be the theme of my picks, Chandler is also playing his old squad, the Mavs. Powell is a Lakers killer, trust me I know, at least every time I see the Lakers play Dallas, Powell is dunking all over us. Make sure to check on Gasol’s status before tip-off.

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