Daily Fantasy Update: 12/13

Hello fantasy sports fans! Welcome back to the Wave’s fantasy update. We hope you did well in DFS over the past few days. We also hope you had a good first round of the fantasy football playoffs, and advanced. That would mean you could have something at stake tonight as the Chargers take on the Chiefs. There is also plenty of basketball to sift through. So lets get into the line-ups.

NFL: Chargers @ Chiefs

I have a couple line-ups for this game, because I feel like it could go either way. Here is the first one:

I’m using QB Philip Rivers as my captain here, because I think he will have a great game. I know the numbers of Rivers past games in Arrowhead stadium, but I’m confident that he can overcome that. The Chiefs defense gave up passing TD’s to rookie Lamar Jackson last week, so no doubt Rivers can pull them apart. In week 1, Rivers had his best fantasy game of the year against this Chiefs defense. You’ll see Kelce in my next mine-up, maybe a larger role. With the Chiefs down so many weapons, Kelce has to be used more, despite the Chargers good rank against TEs.

Hill is banged up, but should he play, he is a must have. Hill scorched this defense several times in week 1. Jackson might fill in for Melvin Gordon, but even if MG plays, JJ is still a good value to fill that Ekeler role. You might notice I have 2 “D. Williams” on my roster. One is Damian Williams (former Dolphin) who could get the start if Spencer Ware misses the game. The other is Darrel Williams who would act as the backup. It’s a shot in the dark. My next line-up might be more safe.

I won’t repeat the obvious, but Kelce could have a great game. If you want to consider the Mahomes for captain, I think that would be a safe bet. The Chiefs defense, although bad, could get some turnovers from Rivers. Maybe even a pick-six, which would warrant a captain spot. The Chargers defense is good, but way too risky. I’m taking a chance on Green, as the Chiefs are one of the worst teams in the NFL in guarding the TE and Green still runs more routes than Antonio Gates.

NBA: 4 NBA Games

The Rockets-Lakers game should make for some great fantasy outputs. Instead of paying up for King James, I’m going to split it with Chris Paul and Kyle Kuzma. Both are coming off good games and should continue that tonight. Harden was intriguing, especially with no Brandon Ingram to bother him. Besides that, I’m going with a bunch of rookies tonight. Doncic, Melton, Ayton, and Carter Jr. are all rookies who have been really good this year. I expect good numbers from all of them tonight.

I’m going to hope the Lakers lean more on Chandler tonight instead of McGee, but you never really know. Josh Jackson is another young guy who could get more minutes with the Ariza situation looking murky. He did not shoot very well in his last game, so hopefully he can turn it around, but maybe you can find another safer bet.

Again, best of luck to you all and for more sports news, follow us on Twitter @DarthShaz24 and @MiamiSportsWave


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