Daily Fantasy Update: 12/16

Hello fantasy sports fans! The fantasy football playoffs continue for some of you and the DFS action never ceases! There are plenty of good match-ups today in the NFL and NBA. We had some good success in our last NBA line-up. One of our best line-ups and a Heat player was a part of it, go figure.  We’ll try to replicate that success here today and hopefully get some of you that same success. Lets get into the line-ups.


Just a heads up, my NFL line-up from Saturday was okay. So I’m going to take a few more risk with this one.

Okay, I know I said “risk” earlier but this is madness, right? Nick Mullens as my starting QB? Yes, why not. Mullens was great, fantasy wise, in Seattle when he played this defense. I’m hoping he can put up another big game, he played well against Denver too. Over 300 yards passing, they have nothing to lose, so they will air it out if needed. Elliott is the back bone of this line-up. He should have a good game in Indy. Dixon is healthy, hopefully, and will get more touches in what could be a higher scoring game.

You all remember the game Derrick Henry had. I could not resist the opportunity to take a chance on him again. The 5K price is more than usual, but it’s worth the risk. I would worry about my wides in this one. Edelman is reliable but he has a ceiling. Smith-Schuster is coming off a great game and I think he could have another one with Antonio Brown getting so much attention. Jordy Nelson is a wildcard, the Cincy defense is awful. So maybe Nelson, who has gotten 8+ targets in the last few games can cash in here.

Ebron did fine for me last week, I think you should always be able to count on him in the redzone. I would have gone with Gronk, but I did not want to double up on Patriots. The redskins defense is another huge gamble. I used most of the money elsewhere, so I had to skimp out on the defense. The best cure for a struggling defense is facing an even worse offense and besides Leonard Fournette, there is no one on the Jags who scare me.


This line-up is based a contest for the later games(6 PM EST and later).

My original line-up had LBJ, Anthony Davis, and Nikola Jokic. Then I saw my leftover money…So this is what I ended up with. Ball has been balling. Triple-double in his last game, he can keep it up against a Washington team that looks like they have quit. I’m not sure if Ariza will be cleared to play, but it won’t make a difference when you’re looking for someone to guard LeBron. I have always talked about Luka Doncic, so you know I was going to pick him up.

Thomas Bryant was drafted by the Lakers and they cut him this past summer. I hope he gets some revenge, he should be hyped. Bam has been playing great even in that last game with Whiteside back, check out the recap for that game. Another Heat player who did well, Tyler Johnson. He might be the best option at PG while Dragic is hurt. Serge Ibaka and Buddy Hield are steady producers who should have solid nights in fantasy.

Again, best of luck to you all and for more sports news, follow us on Twitter @DarthShaz24 and @MiamiSportsWave


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