Daily Fantasy Update: 12/21

Hello fantasy sports fans! Welcome back to the Wave’s fantasy update. Before we get into a busy weekend of football, we have a lot of basketball to go through tonight. There plenty of options to choose from tonight, I suggest making a couple line-ups.

Our last line-up from Monday, did not do so well. We tried to put Giannis, Harden, and Curry together, but the rest of the line-up just could no hold up. Plus, Curry just was not worth the price that night. So we’ll look for more balance tonight, with a few injuries opening the way for some key players.


I like VanVleet starting for Lowry tonight against Cleveland. VanVleet has been one of the best back-up PGs in the NBA this year, he is worth the price if you’re looking for value. Bullock is a guy I overlooked, but mentioned in Monday’s update. I’m going with him this time around and against Charlotte’s mediocre wing defense, he should provide a solid night. He also has a great price on him, perfect to save some money for this next guy.

I think Giannis Antetokounmpo is my favorite fantasy player, aside from Nemanja Bjelica of course. He has a more difficult challenge against Boston, but he should still put up his numbers. Isaac’s is a player with so much potential, he has been just okay after starting the year strong. Fantasy wise, he can still put up 20 fantasy points, but has the chance for more. If you want to use that 4,100 on someone else like a Daniel Thies, I can’t dispute it.

Greg Monroe should start again tonight for the injured Serge Ibalka. Monroe presents a solid value, other options include Tyson Chandler, if he plays. I was considering AD or LBJ, but the questionable tag on both makes me feel uneasy. I did get Kyle Kuzma, so if LBJ does miss tonight, expect a big game from Kuzma. Kemba Walker has been re-surging from his early December slump. He should have a good game at home vs Detroit. Temple is the safest option I could find at that price, but there are some high-risk, high-reward type players there as well.

Again, best of luck to you all and for more sports news, follow us on Twitter @DarthShaz24 and @MiamiSportsWave


Heat Edge out a Win Against the Rockets


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