Daily Fantasy Update: 12/28

Hello fantasy sports fans! I’m back from a little holiday break. I hope that there are some new champions reading, if not, you still have DFS. Which will be full of NBA action today. We’ll still have plenty of football this Sunday and during the playoffs. I admit, I was surprised that our last NFL line-up actually did so well. I thought Taylor Heinicke would have sunk that ship. Good to know there are still a few good calls that I can make. Lets see how that goes today though.


*Draft Kings Classic Contest

This line-up is sort of 50-50. Not everyone can be trusted here, I am definitely taking a lot of risk. Lonzo Ball nearly had a triple-double in his previous game against Sacramento. He is playing a lot of minutes with LBJ and Rondo out. He could have played even more if his leg wasn’t cramping up. I expect him to get more heavy minutes tonight at home vs the Clippers. Wiggins is always a head case. Sometimes he looks like and all-star, other times he looks like a guy who does not care. I hoping the all-star shows up tonight against a weak Atlanta defense.

I don’t need to say anything about Kawhi Leonard and Anthony Davis, they both rock. Maxi Kleber has been starting at PF for the Mavs, he’s an energy guy that can put up some solid numbers at a good value. Rodney McGruder is a similar energy guy, but he has been off lately. I know he has been sick and playing a bit less minutes, but I think he can return to form tonight. Fournier is a guy I always overlook, but the dude is a legit scorer.

Finally, I have wanted to talk about Rodions Kurucs for a while. If you have read my updates before, you know I have a fascination with Euro players, more specifically rookie Euro players. Kurucs is a rookie SF for the Brooklyn Nets and he has finally gotten the chance to start and show his skills the last few games. He had back-to-back games with a double-double  and his coach believes him. I think he is a promising young player for the Nets and a possible fantasy dynasty player.

*Fan Duel Tournament Contest

I decided to try a Fan Duel line-up as well. It’s sort of similar to the Draft Kings one above. These would have been my alternate choices, I guess Fournier and Anthony Davis are irreplaceable for me tonight though.

Again, best of luck to you all and for more sports news, follow us on Twitter @DarthShaz24 and @MiamiSportsWave


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