Daily Fantasy Update: 12/9

Hello fantasy sports fans! Hope you are all having a great weekend. Time for the best fantasy sports day of the week. Plenty of NFL and NBA to discuss here, so lets get right into it.


Brace yourself for this line-up:

That’s right, I’m finally playing Ryan Tannehill. Hear me out, I think he either does really well against an okay Patriots pass defense or he is forced to throw a lot. The latter option being from getting blown out. Which is something that our Fins writer, Franky, does not foresee. I was tempted to throw some Dolphins skills players in there, maybe Parker or Drake, but with Amendola back and already having RT in the line-up, I don’t want to get too crazy.

Barkley and Run CMC are trustworthy backs that should not let me down. Plus, Odell is hurt for the Giants, so more Barkley in the passing game. The same can be said with the Panthers, as Greg Olsen is hurt, leaving McCaffrey as a top redzone option with Funchess. I could also recommend Justin Jackson and Theo Riddick on the cheap if you want to save for an elite QB or WR trio.

*DraftKings Classic Contest

Speaking of WRs, did you see my selection, take another look. One of them does not even have a picture! Jokes aside, I’m flipping a coin with these wides, but I think they all have potential. Jones is new #1 receiver in Buffalo (if you thought Kelvin Benjamin was a receiver) and the Jets are not very good at defending the pass. Mike Williams is facing a horrendous Cincy defense and after Keenan Allen had a big game, I expect them to key in on him. Hence freeing up more looks for Williams. Sherfield could get plenty of targets with Kirk on IR, but check to see if Chad Williams if playing first. If he does play then maybe swap them out or change it up completely. Ebron is reliable TE option, should have a nice day.

Julio Jones is my fallback guy, I know he had a horrible last game, but that was against Baltimore. He should bounce back in Green Bay. Speaking of Baltimore, the Chiefs play them in Arrowhead and Jackson is probably starting. I like the Chiefs chances of getting some turnovers and maybe a score. However, there are safer options that I would not ignore, like Houston or Denver.


This line-up is only pooled from 3 of the later games. For the earlier DET-NOR game, I’d recommend Drummond, Davis, and Griffin…obviously.

I think this is a pretty balanced and safe line-up. Walker, Middleton, Leonard, and Siakam are all reliable fantasy players. Crowder, Brogdon, and Williams are good role players and starters who have games where they can excel, but their floor is still high enough. Poeltl is a bit of a risk, given his minutes, but he just had a great game against the Lakers. He has played well of late so maybe Pop throws him in there more. Need someone to contest with Gobert’s length.

Again, best of luck to you all and for more sports news, follow us on Twitter @DarthShaz24 and @MiamiSportsWave


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