Miami Dolphins: 3 Keys To Victory

What must the Miami Dolphins do, in order to win this football game against a tough AFC East opponent?

1. Stop LeSean McCoy

The Miami Dolphins must go into Sunday with the mindset of stopping the run. Miami is currently ranked 29th in the NFL in run defense. Teams are running absolutely wild on Miami’s linebackers and defensive tackles. McCoy has only played 5 games this season and has 426 yards and 2 TD’s. Not much production this year, but McCoy is still one the better RB’s in the league and Dolphins must stop him. Matt Burke has got to call the right plays and players must execute. Eliminate the big runs.

2. Put the game in Josh Allen’s Hands

Josh Allen has been the worst QB of all five rookies taken in this year’s draft. He has a completion percentage of 52.5 with 992 yards; 3 TD’s to 5 INT. Therefore, Miami must make him throw the ball a whole lot. Miami’s secondary is really good at turnovers, and Allen seems to be very inaccurate with the pigskin. Defense turning the ball over will give the offense more chances. They really have an opportunity to have a field day in terms of defense with Allen under center.

3. Offense needs to score TD’s

This offense is still very mediocre. It must get better this last stretch, if Miami wants any part of being in the hunt. Ryan Tannehill returning last week gave this offense 2 TD’s and its first in 9 quarters, but this team still needs somewhat of a boost. Not having healthy receivers has been one of the team’s biggest problems for more than half this season and it will continue to be this Sunday. The offense falls in Adam Gase’s conservative hands. He has got to let Ryan Tannehill control the offense these next five games. We have got to see if he’s the type of QB to show up when this team needs him the most. After seven long years, we still haven’t figured that out yet. Let RT17 audible and do what he wants at the line of scrimmage.

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