The Wave’s Daily Fantasy Update: 12/7

Hello fantasy sports fans! Can you say Derrick Henry? Wow, what a performance from him. Of course we had him in our line-up, but not in the captain’s spot. Darn, so close to the top. Dave, our executive editor, had recommended using defenses in the captain or MVP spot, so we’ll try that next time. Our NBA line-up was a wash, cracking around the half-way mark. Lillard was on fire, but Harden was a bit off and Capela was not great. Some of the role players hit, but not enough.

Thankfully, we have 10 NBA games on tonight. Meaning we can go back to the players that can be trusted. Also, an update on the NHL fantasy, I have been entering a lot of free leagues and doing more research. As I get better or improve (fingers crossed) in that field, you’ll see more hockey line-ups here. So lets get into the NBA line-up.

NBA: 10 Games

What? No Miami Heat players? Yeah, I couldn’t justify any of them. However, keep an eye on Goran Dragic who should return tonight. Also, Bam Abedayo is likely starting for Whiteside, so he could be a good value. I would probably throw him in there for another line-up. It is Wade’s last time playing in Phoenix, maybe he does well, I honestly don’t know. I and the rest of Heat nation is still waiting for James Johnson to return to form. That’s about it for the Heat considerations.

To address the actual line-up, I only have 3 all-stars in play. DeRozan, George, and Davis are the leaders here. I hope they can each continue to play well tonight. Hart should be starting in place of Brandon Ingram for the Lakers. He needs to hit some 3’s or get into transition to really have value. Muscala is another bench guy that is starting, for him it’s Embiid. Going up against Drummond is tough, but they need someone to do it. Muscala can stretch the floor. Shumpert is back in Cleveland…so maybe he’ll play like the champion he once was…Grasping at straws here.

MKG is yet another bench player filling in for Marvin Williams, he has not played phenomenally, but he can fill up the box score and any offense is a plus. Siakam is a consistent fantasy presence and has a good match-up against Brooklyn’s front.

Again, best of luck to you all and for more sports news, follow us on Twitter @DarthShaz24 and @MiamiSportsWave


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