How Adam Gase to the Jets Impacts Miami

Former Miami Dolphins head coach, Adam Gase, was hired by the AFC East rival, New York Jets, to be there new head coach on Wednesday. How will this affect Miami?

It was always a possibility. The Dolphins knew that when they fired Adam Gase, he would be a hot commodity around the league. That included an AFC East rival up in New York. Despite his rocky end in Miami, Gase is still regarded as a good offensive mind. Some see him as the reason Miami made the playoffs in 2016. Furthermore, they also think if Gase can run an adequate offense with Ryan Tannehill, Jay Cutler, and Brock Osweiler, he could do much better given better tools.

At least, this is probably what Gase’s agent was pitching. He was able to get interviews with Green Bay, Arizona, and New York. Obviously, the other 2 teams declined and went in a different direction. But the Jets, however, felt like Gase would be the perfect coach to help develop their young QB Sam Darnold. So they hired Adam Gase. Now the coach will have an opportunity to exact his revenge on the Dolphins twice a year.

The obvious downside here is having to face a coach that will have extra incentive to beat you. Yet, Miami could make out fine with this move. The motivation goes both ways. As I’m sure anyone left on the roster from the Gase era will want to pummel the team that hired him.

The New York Dolphins?

On the other hand, Gase will probably take many of his former coaches who were under contract. Dowell Loggains, Gase’s OC in Miami, is one of the first who will reportedly join Gase in New York. Lets hope Gase takes Matt Burke with him too. Unfortunately, there is a possibility that Gase is reunited with a former Dolphins DC that was recently fired…

In fact, the Dolphins should give the new Jets coach a call and see if he wants any of his former players, Ryan Tannehill perhaps? Whether or not Gase is able to make the New York Dolphins a thing, the Jets will certainly be much improved with Gase running the offense. Miami has yet to decide on a head coach of their own, but it looks like it could be between Kris Richard and Darren Rizzi. Stay tuned for more.

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