Daily Fantasy Update: 1/1

Hello fantasy sports fans and happy new year! Welcome to our first update of 2019. Whatever losses you might have had last year, you can leave it in the past now. For those of you betting on the bowl games, we hope that is going well. There are 5 NBA games on tonight, but we’ll play a contest using 3 of them.


I recall our last NBA line-up was, again, too risky. So I wanted to limit the risk here. Perhaps the most unsafe plays in this line-up are in Paul Millsap and Moe Harkless. Millsap has just gotten back from an injury that sidelined him for about a month. We know how capable he is when healthy, but the Nuggets have been doing fine without him. I’m not sure if he will start tonight, but if he does, look for him to play around 15-20 minutes. If you want to take that risk, go ahead. If not, you can always go with Bolden from Philly (if Embiid does not play) or Noah Vonleh from NY.

Harkless is banged up, but listed as probable. He and Aminu have had good production in relation to their cost. Of course, Damian Lillard is probably the best PG option of the night, even over Simmons, but that’s my preference. Murray is coming off a career best game where lit the Suns up for 46 points. He does have a slight ankle injury, but he should play and play well. Harris and Harrell are reliable and should do fine at home against the Sixers.

I would have liked to get some Kings in this line-up, but I still don’t fully trust any of them yet. Fox is great, but he can have really bad shooting nights. Bogdanovic is not a bad speculative play. You know I love Nemanja Bjelica and WCS is the safest play. Emmanuel Mudiay was once drafted by the Nuggets, now he starts against them in Denver. Will he have a revenge game? Probably not, but it’s worth monitoring.

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