Daily Fantasy Update: 1/20

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Hello fantasy sports fans! I hope you enjoyed or are enjoying the Rams-Saints game. Maybe you made the right DFS picks for that game, if not there is still hope. The Patriots face off against the Chiefs in ice cold Arrowhead tonight. There are many ways you can spin that showdown line-up. So we’ll take a look at that. Plus, we have three NBA games on this Sunday before the multitude of games on MLK day. I’m still aiming to do better than we did in last update, although the NHL line-up was alright, surprisingly. Lets get into the line-ups. 

NFL: Chiefs vs Patriots

This line-up just edges out some of the other ones that I like. Despite the cold weather, I expect the passing game to be a factor in this one. So I went with both QB’s. I also went with both defenses, as a safety blanket in case this is a defensive standoff, but I might only start off like that. Tyreek Hill is my captain, he has too much of a boom factor to ignore and there were many time last week where he just missed a long TD catch. He torched the Patriots in the regular season, he could do it again. 

Sony Michel was another guy I considered as captain, with 3 TDs last week, the Chiefs run defense is not great. Although they did bottle up Marlon Mack pretty well. NE loves to use their RBs in the redzone, so Michel is still worth it. Damien Williams should be considered as well, I’d consider swapping him for one of the QB’s and upgrading at defense. 

You can’t go wrong with the Chiefs weapons on offense. The tricky part is figuring out who will have a big day for the Patriots, as it always seems to change.

NBA: 3 Games

Three games featuring relatively okay fantasy players. Booker, KAT, Kemba, LA, and maybe Harris, are the top options for the night. Out of those, I went with KAT and Booker. I love Kemba, but playing in Indiana on an early Sunday games kind of worries me. Plus, the Pacers are highly ranked in defense against PGs. For Pacers players, I chose Collison and Young who have both been playing well and have solid match-ups.

Gibson and Rose are also included from Minnesota. Rose is consistently good, but Gibson has been spotty. He’ll be matched up with either Warren or Bender, so he will have a size advantage. I’m going to give him a shot, but you can look elsewhere for a safer option. Perhaps Jeremy Lamb, Montrezl Harrel, or Josh Jackson. White has been terrific at point for the Spurs, so give him a go. 

Finally, I mentioned Dragan Bender earlier, since Ayton is out today, Bender has value. Holmes is out as well, so the Suns front-court is depleted. Bender is worth the flyer. He is talented, but has never put it together and has not gotten much opportunity this year. 

Again, best of luck to you all and for more fantasy sports news, follow us on Twitter @DarthShaz24 and @MiamiSportsWave


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