Daily Fantasy Update: 1/5

Hello fantasy sports fans! Welcome back to the fantasy update. Hopefully the Texans-Colts game is going well for anyone playing DFS. I think the players from that game to get were pretty clear cut; Luck, Ebron, Mack, Texan D/ST, Hopkins, etc. Maybe you threw a wildcard in their some where. Anyways, we have another NFL playoff game tonight in the Cowboys vs Seahawks. Plus, plenty of basketball to go through. So lets take a look at our line-ups.

NFL: Seahawks @ Cowboys

It’s a showdown contest tonight, I’ll try to get a classic and showdown line-up for tomorrows NFL action. I think the obvious choice for captain here is Ezekiel Elliott. So I’m going to go with the Cowboys defense. Just to shake things up a bit, but I can’t not recommend Elliott as captain. I still have him on the roster, as well as Amari Cooper. The playoff experience in this situation kind of leans towards Seattle, but the Cowboys have been here before.

Carson and Baldwin are my Seahawks of choice, although Lockett is not a bad option. The Cowboys secondary is pretty tight. I think Carson should find some running room. I elected not to use either QB, I just don’t trust Wilson or Prescott to put up big numbers in this game. Feels like it could be a defensive struggle. I understand not wanting to get the Seahawks defense in there, but I’m hinging my bets on a Cowboys mistake, maybe on special teams.

NBA: All 7 PM EST & Later Games

This line-up is kind of a mix of some of my favorite players and some guys who are hot right now. Elfrid Payton has all the talent in the world to be a pure PG, he is as good as Rajon Rondo when healthy. Payton might finally be healthy after returning from a finger injury. He is always capable of putting up a triple-double, so I like to have him in there. James harden is super hot right now, you’ve probably heard everyone raving about him. He is a must have tonight in Portland.

Another guy I love, Luka Doncic. This is not unrequited love here, Doncic actually puts up good numbers and I look forward to seeing him do battle with Ben Simmons tonight. The love list keeps growing longer with Nemanja Bjelica. If you follow this update long enough you probably see him in my line-up every other day. On a serious note, he has been playing well with the increase in minutes. Unfortunately, those minutes could dry up as Marvin Bagley III could return as soon as tonight. So maybe seek another option if that happens.

Tristan Thompson has had a good season despite the Cavs struggles. He recently returned from a foot injury and I want to see if he can get back to form tonight against AD. He has solid value if he can put up his usual double-double. Galloway is the cheapest guy on the roster, but he has his games where he outplays Jackson and gets solid minutes.

Kawhi Leonard was not able to get his revenge game in San Antonio, but you know who might? Kyle Anderson. That’s right, the Spurs former reclamation project, Kyle Anderson, has been playing really well in Memphis. He was close to a triple-dub in his last game and I think he’ll want to play well tonight. The last guy in my line-up is JJ Redick. I had to choose between him, VanVleet, or Brogdon. VanVleet has been struggling lately and Brogdon has a lower ceiling than Redick. So there you go.

Again, best of luck to you all and for more fantasy sports news, follow us on Twitter @DarthShaz24 and @MiamiSportsWave


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