Miami Dolphins: Kyler Murray- SOONER rather than Later?

The Oklahoma Sooners were defeated in the Orange Bowl by the Alabama Crimson Tide, 45-34. The Sooners’ season was over and so was Kyler Murray’s football career. Or so we thought; It was announced earlier in the week that the 2018 Heisman winner would declare for the NFL Draft. This poses two questions; 1.Where does Murray go? and 2.When?

Murray, the two sport athlete was chosen by Oakland Athletics sixth overall in the MLB draft back in June. So Murray getting drafted by an NFL team, would not necessarily mean he’s trying professional football first. However, if he does choose to play football over baseball at this time, he would have to return his 4.66 million dollar bonus for signing with the A’s. But, if he’s available, should the Dolphins take him?


Obviously, Murray’s biggest strength is his dual threat. Not only can he light up defenses with his arm, he also has the ability to run the ball. Murray rushed for a 1001 yards this season, which was fifth best among quarterbacks in the FBS. Murray is also smart with the football, as he only threw seven interceptions all season. Because of Murray’s mobility, he also has the ability to extend plays.He also may have one of the stronger arms in the class, however it isn’t as great as Drew Lock’s.



Perhaps, Murray’s biggest weakness is something he cannot fix at all. His size. Listed at 5’10”, he is small for his position. Not saying shorter quarterbacks don’t succeed (i.e. Drew Brees), but many teams are still old-fashioned and value bigger, taller men under center. Another red flag is he lacks experience. Going into 2018, he had only played in a total of 15 games and only had 141 passing attempts at the college level. Yes, he played well in 2018, but with his lack of experience his success may not translate over against NFL defenses.


Although Kyler Murray may have a list of question marks, I do think he may still be a first round draft pick. The only team I see taking him before the Dolphins are the Arizona Cardinals. Arizona’s new coach, Kliff Kingsbury said in an interview earlier in the year that he would take the Oklahoma quarterback first overall in the draft. Well the stars have aligned for that to happen as Arizona just so happens to be first on the clock.

But if he is available, should the Dolphins take him? I say no. I would not risk a first round pick on Kyler Murray if I was the Dolphins. Yes, he is a Heisman trophy winner and yes he got the Sooners to the playoffs, but there are questions as well. Just because he is drafted, does not mean he will succeed in the NFL. I would personally let another team gamble with Murray and use the first round pick on another need.

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