The Ageless Wonder: Cameron Wake Breakdown

Looking Back

Over the years the Dolphins defense has changed but one thing has always stayed the same and that is the ageless wonder, Cameron Wake. As the 2019 season comes to a close it starts to set in that 37-year-old’s 10-year dominance may come to a close. Over the last 10 years, Wake has accumulated 98 sacks for the Dolphins and even at the age of 37, he racked up a respectable amount of six sacks.

Wake has always used his age to fuel his motivation to continue putting up big sack numbers such as back in the 2016 season when he was coming off his torn achilles at age 34.  Nobody thought he could come back and have an impact but once again the ageless wonder-struck racking up 11.5 sack and five forced fumbles.





In all reality looking back at the 2019 season, it could be the last time Cameron Wake suits up for the Dolphins. This is in large part due to the firing of Adam Gase and entering into a full rebuild mode. At age 37 with his contract expiring, it will be hard to see this team resign him. The Dolphins are in clear need of help at other positions and due to that, they may not have the money to give back to

Wake just finished up a two-year,16 million dollar deal. It is a real possibility to see Wake take a big pay cut to try and join a team ready to win now but he could just as easily take a pay cut and resign with the Dolphins to finish his career up. It is obvious that Cameron Wake still has some left in the tank especially racking up six sacks and leading the Dolphins in QB pressures. Overall, it’s a real possibility to see Wake not in a Dolphins uniform next year for the first time in his NFL career.



Breaking Down the Ageless Wonder


Due to the possibility of never seeing Cameron Wake suit up as a Dolphin again its time to look back on the 2019 season and appreciate the nasty quickness and burst Wake used to terrorize tackles for the last 10 years.

1. Burst + Hip Bend

Taking a look at Cameron Wakes first sack we see him lined up outside of the right tackle. At the snap of the ball Wake shows an insane burst to beat the tackle to the corner. Wake finishes the sack with dipping underneath the tackles punch and flipping his hips for an easy sack. Overall, by beating the tackle to the corner with his burst and pairing the dip of his shoulder with the great hip bend to round the corner it will be hard to say the age is getting to him.


2. Hand Usage

Taking a look at the sack we see Cameron Wake lined up outside of the right tackle again. On this play we see Cameron Wake having another phenomenal get off carrying a lot of momentum to try and beat the tackle around the corner. As we see the right tackle counter this by meeting Wake at the point of contact and attempts to throw his outside arm to stop Wake’s momentum. Wake perfectly blocks the tackles punch and this lets him carry his momentum right around the corner for another easy sack.


3. Speed to Power

Once again we see Wake lined up outside of the right tackle. On this sack, we see Wake’s great get off but this time he does not use just his speed or a move. Instead, Wake uses his great burst to gain ground on the tackle. As the tackle sets back he prepares to drop his anchor to stop Wake’s momentum but instead, Wake takes advantage of this. Cameron Wake sees the anchor leg preparing to drop so he punches and drives his momentum to prevent that anchor ever setting back down. Due to this it opens the tackles hips and lets Wake once again round the corner for another easy sack.

4. Best for Last

Saved the Best for Last, no breakdown is needed just a moment to appreciate Cameron Wake’s possible last sack on Tom Brady.



In the end, all football fans would be upset to see this be the end of Cameron Wakes monstrous 10-year career. Once again, with Wake at 98 sacks, it would be great to see him come back for at least one more year and push his sack total over 100. Looking at the film breakdown it is very clear that Wake has some juice left in the tank to be productive and has shown he still has the burst and toughness to compete.



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