Zach Thomas Snubbed from HOF again

As the NFL announced the 15 finalist for the Hall of Fame on Thursday, it was noted that Miami Dolphins legendary middle linebacker, Zach Thomas, once again missed the cut…

Miami Dolphins fans know that the void at QB since Dan Marino left is long and dark. There is another void, however, on the Dolphins’ defense. It is at the middle linebacker spot. A spot once occupied by Zach Thomas from 1996 to 2007. Sure, Miami has had some promising young guys come through since and play that MLB position. But no one held down that position and wreaked havoc on offenses like Zach Thomas.

Thomas is easily the Dolphins greatest linebacker of all-time. The argument could be made that he is one of the best in the NFL of all-time. His statistics speak for them self with multiple season of over 150+ tackles. Thomas was a five-time All-Pro player and made the Pro Bowl seven times as well.

*Statistics from Pro Football Reference

The All-pro played with a consistency that most middle linebackers don’t play with, even today. Thomas was one of the first linebackers to reinvent the position and play outside the box as well. Perhaps the biggest accomplishment on his resume is his durability. The MLB rarely missed games.

Unfortunately, the argument against Thomas will be that he played for a lousy Dolphins team. An argument that was used against DE Jason Taylor as well, but he finally got into the HOF in 2017. Thomas can’t be blamed for the teams lack of success as he, and the defense, did their job most of the time.

The 15 finalist selected cannot be slighted either, they are all deserving. The good news for Miami fans is that former Canes, Ed Reed and Edgerrin James, made the cut.

Maybe Next Year?

Although Thomas was not named a finalist, it is encouraging that he was a semi-finalist for the first time. The next eligibility class in 2020 will feature more added star power, but Thomas should be able to make the cut. Thomas has long been compared to another linebacker, Brian Urlacher. The former Chicago Bear was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2017 on the first ballot. Despite similar careers (Urlacher had more sacks, Thomas had more tackles), one has gotten a lot more respect.

Obviously, playing for the Bears can bring much more notoriety than playing for the Dolphins. Plus, Urlacher actually played for a few decent teams. Nonetheless, I expect to see Zach Thomas’ name on the finalist list for 2020, because we can’t do this again.

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