Player Profile: José Ureña

Player Profile: José Ureña

There have been a lot of player profiles done within the last two weeks. And as spring training officially arrives, it’s about time we take a look at the ace of the Marlins’ rotation. José Ureña is listed as the ace of the staff on the depth chart. Whether or not this is the actually the case can be decided based on this article.


2018 season

Ureña finished the 2018 season with a record of 9-12 and a 3.98 ERA. He started 31 games and threw 174 innings with 130 strikeouts. Right off the bat, this doesn’t sound like an ace to me. However, this may be the best option for the Marlins based on their roster.

If we take a step back a bit further, Ureña’s career statistics in the majors aren’t great. He has a career record of 28-33 with a 4.45 ERA with 329 strikeouts in 489 innings. Again I say, this does not look like the stats of an ace.



2019 season

I’ve been pretty upfront and vocal about the Marlins being in a rebuild. This is and will be the case for the 2019 season. With that being said, 2019 will provide Ureña with a great opportunity.

The starting rotation is Ureña’s to lead and set the tone. With this organization being in a rebuild, Ureña needs to prove that he should be a part of that rebuild. Not just a part, but a key part of the starting rotation.

I do not expect Ureña to take a huge step forward or even a step forward. However, I do expect his record to be closer to the .500 mark. With a career ERA of 4.45, Ureña has never had an ERA under 3.82. Unless something incredible happens, 2019 will not be the year where Ureña becomes a household name.

Although he won’t be a household name across the country, he should be known in the houses of Marlins’ fans. This is the guy who will get the ball when the team needs a win. Ureña has to want to be the guy, and 2019 will be the season where we find out if he is.


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