Player Profile: JT Riddle

Player Profile: JT Riddle

If this is the first player profile that you are reading here at, you should expect a summary of the player’s 2018 season and expectations for the 2019 season. This player profile will look at shortstop JT Riddle. Riddle is a 27-year-old shortstop and second baseman. Although he has only played shortstop in the majors, he has played some second base in the minors.

2018 season

In the 2018 season, Riddle slashed .231/.277/.377 this equates to a .653 OPs. Riddle also had 9 home runs and 36 RBIs in 308 at-bats. This is not terrible for a second-year player, but there was a regression from his 2017 season.

With all of that being said about his offense, his defense is the best part of his game. In a total of 95 games played, Riddle had just 6 errors on the season. This is a .983 fielding percentage, which is great for your shortstop.

2019 season

Riddle is listed as the starting shortstop for the Marlins. This will most likely be the first season where he plays over 100 games in the majors. That will be another tough test for the 27-year-old.

I expect to see Riddle’s average take a bum up. Although he hit just .250 in 2017 and .231 in 2018, I could see an average of .260 for 2019. Again, not a huge bum, but enough to make an impact for this club.

The defense should not be an issue for Riddle in 2019. Actually, I expect him to increase his fielding percentage. This may not be something that a lot of fans worry about, but I do. I want my shortstop to be a brick wall. I want other teams to know that if the ball is hit to the shortstop, it is an automatic out.

2019 will be a good year for Riddle. I expect him to be a major part of the Marlins’ long-term plan.

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