Marlins Player Profile: Lewis Brinson

Player Profile: Lewis Brinson

Lewis Brinson may be the most interesting player on the Miami Marlins. The reason I say this is because of the potential that he has. It’s been made pretty clear that the Marlins want to rebuild from their farm system and save financially. Brinson was the key player in the Christan Yelich trade with the Milwaukee Brewers. The expectation of the Marlins was that Brinson would be a cornerstone piece of their future.

2018 Season

The 2018 season was Brinson’s rookie year. It did not go as planned. He slashed just .199/.240/.338 in 382 at-bats. This is terrible. I bet that you could pluck people off the street and they would believe that they could do better than that. Obviously, that just isn’t true. Although the slash line is horrible, the more telling stat for me is his strikeouts and walks. In 109 games and 382 at-bats, Brinson struck out 120 times and walked just 17 times.

The reason why this stat is so telling to me is because it’s a bad trend. Think about some guys who don’t walk a lot. Adam Jones, Javier Báez, and whoever else I haven’t mentioned. These guys are free swingers who don’t like walking. Báez changed that trend last season, but it is still something that you don’t want to see in a rookie. Brinson’s eye at the plate may not be the problem. The problem could just be his pitch recognition. This issue could be resolved through more reps.

2019 Expectations

I may just be an optimist, but I believe that Brinson will take a step in the right direction in 2019. I’m not saying that he will hit .330 with 45 home runs, but I do think he will make a substantial jump. If I had to predict, I would say he will hit around .240. You may be sitting there and saying, “That’s not very good.” Well, you aren’t wrong, but that is a 41 point increase from his 2018 average. For a second-year player, that’s a huge jump.

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