Owls Set for Bonus Play vs FIU

The FAU Owls Men’s basketball team finished the regular season schedule at 16-11 and now face four fairly tough bonus games before the C-USA tournament. 

It all came after defeating Rice last Saturday 60-41. FAU improved to 7-7 and clinched a tourney spot. They also got their bonus games, which are designed to pit the top teams in the C-USA against each other. Hence the Owls have match-ups that were very close in the regular season. 

That starts with FIU, whom the Owls split the series with 1-1. The teams played each other back-to-back in January. Surprisingly, FIU stole the first one on the Owls home floor, where FAU has been pretty good up until then. A full recap of that game can be found below.

FIU Beats FAU 78-74

If a series split was the outcome, it wasn’t foreseen that it would be the road teams coming away victorious. However, at last FAU looked like a different team when they took the floor in Miami a few days later. They beat the Panthers on their home floor, returning the favor. Again, the recap of this game can be found below.

Owls Defeat Panthers in Miami, End Losing Streak

So at the 1-1 split, many were hoping that around time to decide bonus play, that these two teams would get a tiebreaker. And so they did. The FAU Owls and the FIU Golden Panthers will square off in Boca Raton, FL on Saturday at 4 p.m. EST. Besides bragging rights in this ever growing school rivalry, seeding for the C-USA tourney is on the line and these teams have the same record all-around.  

Who Wins, FAU or FIU?

It is difficult to say who has the upper-hand heading into the game. Both teams have beaten the same opponents lately and looked pretty darn similar in doing so. Factor in that home-court clearly does not hold much of an advantage to either team. Yet, these teams play very different. FAU is a low scoring, defensive minded team that beats you on energy and hard-work. On the other hand, FIU is a higher-scoring team that is not as good defensively, but can get turnovers to start fast-breaks. 

It is unfair for me to call a winner (as an FAU Alum), however, I do think the Owls have found a spark in their last few games. This could be another close game that will come down to who closes out better. 

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