Player Review: There’s a reason the Dolphins are making a change at Quarterback

After a disappointing 2018 season, the Dolphins have reportedly decided to part ways with starting Quarterback Ryan Tannehill. At first glance, it seemed that Tannehill was decent last season, going 5-6 as the starter while dealing with ACL injuries. This news, however, leads me to do a deeper dive into the numbers. Let’s determine whether or not the team was right to move on.

At a Glance

Yards per GameTouchdown %Interception %Completion %Passer RatingTotal QBR
179.9 (31st)6.2% (6th)3.3% (27th)64.2 (22nd)92.7 (20th)33.1 (32nd)

The numbers don’t lie. Tannehill was at the bottom of the league in terms of Yards Per Game as well as ESPN’s Total QBR. He also ranks among the bottom third in Interception %, Passer Rating, and Completion %. Tannehill was never an elite QB but last season he was one of the worst in football. This during a time when most passers were posting career years. When the division rival Bills and Jets have already begun rebuilding to prepare for the aging Patriots to eventually come back down to earth, the Dolphins cannot afford to settle for regression from its most important position.

Deep Passing Woes

Overall Deep Accuracy % (21+ yards)26-30 yards31-35 Yards36-40 Yards41+ YardsDeep Accuracy under PressureDeep Accuracy with clean pocket
8/32 (31.25% (34th))0/4 (0%(35th))3/9 (33.3%(19th))1/7 (14.29%(27th))1/5 (20.0%(27th))2/14 (14.29%(34th))6/18 (33.3%(24th))

The above table is a collection of research done by Johnny Kinsley (Follow him on Twitter @Brickwallblitz) in which he analyzed every deep pass (21+ Yards) by all notable passers last season. Tannehill ranks near the bottom in nearly every single category including 34th in total deep passing accuracy and deep accuracy under pressure.

Final Thoughts

Tannehill seemingly played some of the worst football of his career last season as he is usually a mid-level starting QB, as opposed to a bottom five player in 2018. Part of the reason for this is that Tannehill is recovering from two ACL tears, and he could certainly benefit from a full offseason program. On the other hand, the former first-round pick has missed 24 out of his last 48 games including all of 2017 with the second ACL tear. Although he will likely be the best and most coveted QB this offseason if he hits the market, the evidence paints a picture of a quarterback and a team in desperate need of a clean cut and a fresh start.

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