Miami Marlins: Spring Training is Almost Here!

Baseball is coming this week

Marlins’ fans all over the country and even the world should be excited. There will be an actual baseball game played this week. On Saturday, the Marlins are set to play the St. Louis Cardinals. This is the first spring training game for both clubs, and honestly, I’m so excited.

Just to be clear, this is not a game preview for the game on Saturday. Instead, this is simply a reminder/excitement article. I wanted to take some time and express my excitement through words on the page. Hopefully, you guys are just as excited as I am.

It’s just spring training…..

Yes, I’m aware that it is just spring training. However, spring training means that the regular season is right around the corner. If you have never read any of my work before, let me try to explain myself to you. I am a die-hard baseball fan. I will watch any game that is on. To help demonstrate this, I watched the entire LSU vs. Air Force college baseball game on February 17th. LSU scored 7 runs in the first inning, and it was really never a game.

Marlins’ fans, get excited about this season. Although the team is in a rebuild, there are a lot of interesting young guys on this club. Spring training is the time where fans get to know some of these younger players.

What to expect for 2019

I’ve been pretty upfront about realizing that this team is in a rebuild. That means that they will not be very good. With that being said, there is still hope. There is an opportunity for a lot of young players to get experience. That experience will help the Marlins for years to come.

My best advice for any Marlins fan, or baseball fan, watch as much baseball as possible. Especially for this team because you will know who the farm system has. These are the guys who will hopefully help this organization win a championship.



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