Josh Rosen to the Patriots? Why he may Actually be a Better fit for Miami

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Ask most casual observers who they are focused on at this week’s NFL combine, and the likely answer will be the same. Heisman winning quarterback from Oklahoma Kyler Murray, the wildcard of this year’s draft. The dual sports athlete stole the show when he measured in at his self advertised 5-10 207 lbs.  The talk immediately shifted towards the rumor that the Arizona Cardinals may draft the dynamic prospect.

But what does that mean for current starter and last year’s top 10 picks, Josh Rosen? Most analysts have predicted the embattled second-year passer (coming off of one of the worst rookie seasons in recent memory)will land in the AFC East. I completely agree, just not the team that people think.

A perfect landing spot?

With most penciling in Josh Rosen in as future Hall of Fame Quarterback Tom Brady’s successor in New England, it seems that an equally fitting destination within the division has been overlooked. As it turns out the Miami Dolphins are in need of a new quarterback after reports emerged that the team will be parting ways with starter Ryan Tannehill. The team is also being run by former Patriots personnel in Head Coach Brian Flores and Offensive Coordinator Chad O’Shea. It is reportedly implementing an offense based off of the offensive scheme that is currently run in New England.

Although not much is known of the specifics of what the Dolphins are looking for at the quarterback position, it stands to reason that intelligence and accuracy are near the top of the list if they are in fact running a scheme famous for running through its the signal caller. As a prospect Rosen graded as very intelligent and the most accurate prospect in his class. Bear in mind that Baker Mayfield was also in that class. The coaching staff would likely be ideal to help Rosen through his biggest weakness as well, his tendency to hold the ball far too long, as O’Shea has seen first hand in New England how quickly Tom Brady gets the ball out of his hands.

The Cost

While the likely cost of Josh Rosen today would be at least the Dolphins first round pick at number 13 overall, but that may not always be the case. The Dolphins may be in a position to trade for Rosen on draft night after the Cardinals have either drafted Murray or have made up their minds to do so. In that scenario the Dolphins could trade for Rosen at an all-time low value for a second round pick, thus snagging their QB of the future. This would also allow Miami to retain their first round pick for a successor to the disappointing Devante Parker. Considering the possibility that all first-round quarterback prospects are long gone by pick 13, the possibility of leaving day one of the draft with a haul of Rosen and D.K Metcalf could be a dream come true for all Dolphins fans.