Lewis Brinson has been Raking to Start the Spring

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Lewis Brinson has been Raking to Start the Spring

Lewis Brinson was the guy that I thought had the chance to have the best year on the current roster. Thus far, through 11 at-bats, he has proved me right. Look, I know that it is an extremely small sample size, but it matters. The reason why this is important is because of the way that he looks. Brinson looks comfortable in the box.

What do we see?

Again, it is a super small sample size, but Brinson is slashing .364/.417/1.273. He also has four hits, three are home runs and one is a double. There are a few things that jump out right away while watching Brinson this spring. The first is the fact that he hasn’t been chasing as many pitches this year. The second thing, which is just as important, he has shown the ability to drive both the fastball and the breaking ball.

Both of these balls were absolutely destroyed.

How does this project to the regular season?

This is a question that no one knows the answer to. Obviously, the hope is that Brinson will keep this up throughout the regular season. The regular season is 162 games, this is a long time. Brinson will strikeout, he will look silly, and he will make you scratch your head while watching. With all of that being said, I’ve already predicted that Brinson will have a huge year in 2019. I still believe this to be true.

With the Marlins being in the beginning stages of a rebuild, Brinson has the opportunity to shine. Fans need someone to get behind. Brinson has the chance to establish himself as the new face of the Marlins’ franchise.

Whether or not Brinson is able to keep this up in the regular season, which I think he will, there is no question he has made adjustments. Adjustments to make him feel more comfortable while inside the box. There is no question that Brinson has the potential, is 2019 the year where that potential turns into performance?

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