Miami Marlins Opening Day Countdown: 14 days

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Opening Day Countdown: 14 days 

I’m sure that you are just like me, constantly waiting for baseball to come back. If this is, in fact, you, take a deep breath because the Marlins will play an official game in just 14 days. March 28th is the day that should be circled on everyone’s calendar. The Marlins will kick off a 3-game series with the Colorado Rockies.


Although the Marlins have a real game in 14 days, there are still a lot of unanswered questions. Will Victor Victor Mesa be healthy to start the season? If so, where will he start the year? Can Wei-Yin Chen bounce back from a terrible 2018 road season? How will Jorge Alfaro deal with the trade? These are just a handle full of questions that popped into my head.

14 days left in the “offseason”

If you’ve ever read any of my articles, you should know how much I love baseball. This offseason has been LONG. Most likely because of the Manny Machado and Bryce Harper sweepstakes. However, now that those two players have signed there is really nothing else to do but wait. This article is my attempt to help pass the time. I know I can’t be the only person sitting here and wishing there were baseball games coming on today.



Honestly, this article could be about any team. Each team has its own set of unanswered questions, just like the Marlins. Fans have reasons to be excited about the future. Maybe not for the 2019 season, but 2020 and 2021 there is hope. You may be sitting there asking if I just said the Marlins’ 2019 season is over before it even started.

Yes, yes I did.

At least in terms of the standings. But fans should be encouraged by the direction of the team, and the change in attitude from Marlins’ brass should lead to future sustained success.



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