Player Profile: Tommy Eveld

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Player Profile: Tommy Eveld

I’M BACK. Its been at least a week since the last player profile here at Miami Sports Wave. I figured that since it has been so long, I would take a look at Tommy Eveld. Eveld is a 25-year-old right-handed pitcher with just 3.0 innings in the major leagues. Eveld has made quick work of the Marlins’ farm system after he was drafted in 2016. Part or most of the reason for this is his incredible stuff. Topping out at 96 MPH in his last outing this spring.

Minor league career

Normally, I would take a look at last season to try and project a player’s stats in 2019. However, Eveld has just two full seasons and three seasons overall under his professional belt. Throughout those three seasons, Eveld is 7-9 with a 1.88 ERA in 110 games and 129.0 innings. Eveld’s strikeout numbers are a bit ridiculous, he has 151 strikeouts in those 129 innings. He also has just 38 walks in that time, which is huge.

There are a few interesting things to look at when talking about Eveld. First, he has given up just two home runs in his career. This is crazy because of the old cliché saying, even a blind squirrel finds a nut once and a while. Only two balls have been hit out against Eveld. Second, Eveld has never given up more hits than innings pitched. This is important for the final interesting thing. Finally, Eveld has saved 34 games out of 38 opportunities for his career.

2019 expectations

One question that people always ask with young pitchers is, will his stuff play? The answer to that question is a no-doubter, yes his stuff will and does play. His strikeout numbers are outstanding and his walk numbers are low. He has experience closing games out and does not give up many hits.

I fully expect Eveld to break camp with the big league club. Although Eveld will not be the closer for the Marlins, he will play an important role for the team. There is a chance that Eveld does not make the big league club right as the season starts, but I doubt it. He has shown that he belongs in the major leagues. Eveld has the potential to be the Marlins’ closer one day.

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