Why the Dolphins Should Tank in 2019

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Free Agency Recap 

Fans of Miami once again were let down with no big name signings for the Dolphins.  The Dolphins had their name linked to many big name players, but failed to sign a single one.  For example, they failed to stay close to the race with players such as Le’veon Bell, Trey Flowers, and Teddy Bridgewater.  They did successfully sign Ryan Fitzpatrick who has had a hot streak, but also very cold streaks through his career.  It is very clear he won’t be a longterm option, and has led to fans calling the organizations out for tanking.  Even though they continue denying this, it is very hard to ignore they are letting all the talent walk away.  The only positive of this free agency is that by letting the talent walk, they have racked in future draft value and freed up lots of money for next year.

The Ryan Fitzpatrick Signing

After the previous years of bust signing, maybe the Dolphins have learned their way.  Quite often, we see the Dolphins adding a big name for way too much money, just for them to be cut after one year.  Maybe this could be sign of revelation for the Dolphins organization to learn from their previous mistakes.  Among others, some examples of the mishaps signings are Lawrence Timmons, Ndamukong Suh, and Mario Edwards.

Value Gained

2020 4th Round Pick

2019 7th Round Pick

2020 6th Round Pick

Reason for Tanking

Of course, no fan wants to see an entire year of poor performance but this could be what the Dolphins need. It’s not a surprise with all the rumors surrounding the Dolphins wanting Tua Tagovailoa next year. Trading Ryan Tannehill and Robert Quinn it begins to bolsters their draft capital to take young talent to help surround the next young signal caller. Also, by not dropping huge money on free agents this year it could open an option next year to specifically hand pick and sign free agents to help a rookie quarterback. Tua has clearly shown that he can be an elite QB but the Dolphins need to capitalize in this years draft to help his transition to the league. There are other options such as Jake Fromm and Justin Herbert lurking in 2020 as well. Dolphins fans suffering through this next year and securing a top five pick could allow them too secure many more years of success. It all depends on how well the Dolphins use the value they gained by letting key veterans pieces leave and if done right, Miami could take control of the AFC East for years to come

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