Twenty-eight games into the season, are these the Marlins we thought they would be?

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Twenty-eight games into the season, are these the Marlins we thought they would be?

I like writing about the Marlins. I like believing that my thoughts are being read by you guys. I’ve been clear about how I thought the Marlins would do this season. Through 28 games, this Marlins team is just 8-20. To be completely honest with you guys, that is better than I thought they would be at this point. The Baltimore Orioles had one of the worst seasons ever in 2018 when they finished 47-115. Personally, I believed that the 2019 Marlins and 2019 Orioles were going to compete for a worse record.

With that being said, can an 8-20 team be a pleasant surprise? This is the type of question that pops up in my head before I write an article like this. If you’ve read any of my work before, then you know I want to bring you the best Marlins content out there. This is one of my many attempts to do just that.

Twenty-eight games may have already ended the Marlins’ season

I’m an optimist, I really believe that. However, the Marlins are just 8-20 this season. There are already in last place in the NL East and 8 games back from first place. But, the problem is the Marlins have not played well against the NL East. If the Marlins continue to play poorly against their division, there will be no chance for a turnaround. This Marlins team will not improve. At least that is my belief. I believe they will continue at this pace or even regress. The Marlins have a .286 win percentage thus far and I don’t expect it to get better.

I want to hear your opinions. Do you think the Marlins will play better than they have thus far? Whether you do or not, I think this team will still be worth watching. There are a lot of interesting players in this organization. Unfortunately, I say organization and not the roster because most of the guys I’m talking about are in the minor leagues. Think about Victor Victor Mesa and some of the other top prospects for this organization. When will we see some of these guys on the big league roster? Could we see some of these guys in 2019? These are questions that should keep you engaged throughout this season.