Game 12 of 162: Cincinnati Reds vs. Miami Marlins

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Game 12 of 162: Cincinnati Reds vs. Miami Marlins

Is there anything to say? I mean seriously, is there really anything to say about the game last night?? The Marlins lost a nail-biter to the Cincinnati Reds. The final score was 14-0. Alright, that might have been a bit too sarcastic, but I think you get the point. I have nothing to say about the terrible performance from the Marlins last night. Instead, let’s take a look at game 12 of the season and game two of this series. Hopefully, the Marlins won’t forget their bats on the plane like they did last night.

Game 12

Pitching Match-up: Tyler Mahle vs. Trevor Richards

Game Time: 6:40 PM

Location: Great American Ball Park

Tyler Mahle is a 24-year-old right-handed pitcher who is coming off of a great start. Mahle threw six shutout innings, giving up five hits and striking out five. He also had no walks in that start, which if you haven’t realized by now is really important. The more walks you have, normally the higher your ERA is. There isn’t much to say about Mahle. He has just 28 career starts. In those 28 career starts, he has given up 22 home runs. That number is high.

Trevor Richards gets the ball for the struggling Marlins tonight. Richards will make his third start of the season. Thus far, he is 0-1 with a 3.00 ERA and 11 strikeouts in 12 innings. In both of Richards’ starts this season he has gone six innings. This will be important for the Marlins’ bullpen if Richards is able to eat up some innings tonight. Especially after that great game last night. (I may still be a little angry).

My prediction

The Marlins are now 3-8 on the season. Honestly, I’m torn with this game. I don’t think Mahle is that good personally. Obviously, he is a major leaguer but I don’t see why the Marlins would struggle against him. Actually, I could see the Marlins struggling simply because this lineup has not been good. The Marlins currently rank 29th (out of 30) in baseball in runs per game (3.00). If we are thinking logical, if the Marlins are averaging 3 runs a game offensively, then in order for them to have a chance, the pitching staff has to have a collective ERA under 3.00. That is asking a lot for a very young starting rotation.

With all of that being said, I feel like I have to take the Reds to win this game. I think that Richards will keep it close, but I haven’t seen anything resembling an offense in almost two weeks.