Game 14 of 162: Philadelphia Phillies vs. Miami Marlins

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Game 14 of 162: Philadelphia Phillies vs. Miami Marlins

Something needs to change. The Marlins scored just 1 run in their series against the Cincinnati Reds. One RUN. I talked about it in the last game preview, something needs to change with this lineup. Hopefully, for Marlins’ fans, something changes tonight. The Marlins are back home and are set to kick off a three-game series against the Philadelphia Phillies. Besides this being an important division game, this is also J.T. Realmuto’s first trip back to Miami since being traded. Personally, I don’t see why there would be anything besides a standing ovation. As far as the game is concerned, let’s take a look at game 14 of the season.

Game 14

Pitching Match-up: Jake Arrieta vs. Sandy Alcantara

Game Time: 7:10 PM

Location: Marlins Park

Jake Arrieta will get the ball for the Phillies in this game. Arrieta is looking to bounce back from his mediocre 2018 season. Thus far, Arrieta is 1-1 with a 2.77 ERA and 7 strikeouts in 13 innings. The problem for Arrieta in his first two starts this season has been walking batters. I know Marlins’ fans are aware of how much walking guys can hurt you. He has 9 walks in those 13 innings.

Sandy Alcantara is my favorite Marlins’ pitcher. I’ve been pretty upfront about that recently. I’m not sure if it is his upside, or maybe his stuff. All I know is that anytime he is starting a game, I feel like I have to watch him pitch. Through two starts this season, he is 1-0 with a 1.50 ERA and 6 strikeouts and 5 walks. The walks are huge for Alcantara. His only win of the season came when he threw 8 shutout innings and walked NONE. It will be clear early, if Alcantara has his control then the Marlins have a chance.

My prediction

I’m taking the Philadelphia Phillies to win this game. I’ve said it all offseason, the Marlins‘ roster is not great. I think that the Phillies have more talent on the field, and they are going to come in pissed off. They’ve lost two games in a row and gave up 25 total runs in those two games. Although Alcantara is on the mound tonight, I am taking the Phillies to win this game. It is really that simple. I expect the Phillies to win this game handly.