Game 24 of 162: Cleveland Indians vs. Miami Marlins

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Game 24 of 162: Cleveland Indians vs. Miami Marlins

I told you guys that I was back, and I meant it. After missing a handful of games, this is my second in a row. I’m on a roll. Just kidding, I love bringing you guys Marlins content. Well, what do you say we take a look at the second game of this series? Game 24 of the series is a match-up with the Cleveland Indians. In game one, the Marlins did a great job all the way around. They came away with the win. Let’s take a look at the match-up for the second and final game of this series.

Game 24

Pitching Match-up: Jefry Rodriguez vs. Sandy Alcantara

Game Time: 1:10 PM

Location: Progressive Field

Sandy Alcantara will get his 5th start of the season in this game. Thus far, Alcantara is 1-2 with a 5.09 ERA. I’ve talked about how throwing strikes is huge for Alcantara. Through 23 innings in 2019, he has 19 strikeouts and eight walks. The strikeout numbers will continue to be there because of his stuff. It’s that simple. However, his walk rate NEEDS to decrease. I don’t mention WHIP a lot, at least I haven’t. But Alcantara’s WHIP is 1.48, which means that he is averaging 1.48 walks or hits per inning. Basically, this means that he is almost constantly working with runners on base. This makes it challenging to get into a rhythm on the mound. For Alcantara and any pitcher, getting into a rhythm makes throwing strikes a lot easier.

My prediction

I took the Indians to win yesterday. I don’t regret doing that. However, in this game, I’m taking the Marlins. I’m worried that my feelings toward Alcantara are clouding my judgment. It’s no secret that I believe he is the best pitcher on the Marlins roster. Hopefully, I’m wrong about it clouding my judgment. I’m taking the Marlins to win this game. The key will be the amount of strikes Alcantara throws.


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