Hard hitting Armwood DB, Jalil Core, turning heads

When describing a person that plays the safety position, most people may start with, “good ball skills,” or “plays the position like it is center field.”

The first word I thought of when I turned on Jalil Core’s highlight tape was, “powerful.”

Jalil Core

Less than 30 seconds into his tape, I saw everything I would want to see in a safety. The first two plays, show him up-ending receivers who dared to enter his zone. Something that I noticed during those two plays, is that his teammates do not react at all. That shows me that he does this all the time, and they expect plays like this to happen.

In the third highlight clip, he high-points a ball and out jumps a receiver. The forth play was the most impressive of them all. He darts through the opponents offensive line, blows up the running back trying to block him, and sacks the quarterback.

Let me try to explain how I am feeling after watching this massacre of every offensive player Core came across. To start, no player in the opposite colors is safe. If you are a WR, you can get hit, a RB, a QB, even a TE or OL can get some. He does not discriminate based on position, age, color, nation of origin or religious belief. This kid will knock your block off.

“He could play both strong safety and nickel in a 4-2-5. He could easily play safety in a 4-3 of with the way the game is evolving, he could also be a stud as a linebacker that drops into coverage,”

-replied defensive coordinator, Kyle Worden.

The questions I asked was about Core’s skill set. His coach had nothing but good things to say about him and the way he plays the game.

Coach Worden spoke of Core being stout. He holds his gap assignments at the line of scrimmage when playing in the box. Worden recalls placing him at Sam linebacker for a couple games and Core recorded five straight tackles for loss in two drives.

Core also gets it done in the weight room. “[He] benches 315, cleans 275, and squats 435 to full depth,” continued Worden.

“Jalil is great playing through our zone concepts and understanding the different route concepts…he gets everyone lined up and make all of our calls and checks.” 

Coach also raved about his football IQ and compares him to Bob Sanders, “just taller.”

“Core tackles as if he’s a heat-seeking missile on the football field…If a team plans to run and Core is lined up near the line of scrimmage, it’s most likely going to end up in a loss or short gain,” stated Preps 247’s, Ed O’Brien.

O’Brien goes on to say that Core plays with a “controlled aggression,” which I completely agree with. Core plays like a safety that has a contract negotiation coming a up and is trying to get the biggest payout he can.

I was very curious as to why Core was not at least a four-star prospect, so I took a look at the top two safeties for the class of 2019.

Ranking and Rating?

The #2 safety in the class, Jordan Battle, an Alabama commit, has more interceptions and TDs on film. That’s it. Core has shown similar ball skills, higher intimation factor and more versatility when it comes to being able to play multiple positions and roles on the field. I would also trust Core to make that open field tackle on 4th and short.

Now to the #1 safety in the 2019 class, Daxton Hill, the Michigan commit.

The most obvious difference between the 5-star, Hill and Core, is that Hill plays WR, returner, corner and safety. He is also very good at all positions. Which could warrant a D-1 offer to play any at the next level. I do not know much about Hill’s high school team, but I believe he played all these positions. He did this because he was playing on a team that wasn’t stocked with talent like Core’s high school, Armwood.

On tape, Jalil Core is a 4 or possibly a 5 star. To me, he needs more film of him dropping back into coverage. Getting into a nice compact stance and locking down WR and TEs. Coach Worden did say that Core “covers exceptionally well.” We’ll see if he gets to show off some of his coverage skills in his final season with the Hawks.

Core got his offer from FAU on March 6th. The Owls could certainly use a versatile safety like him.

With that said, FAU has some young talent at multiple DB positions. However, it would be very interesting to see Core suiting up for the Owls in 2020.


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