Marlins’ Constant Shifting Hurting Team

Image Credit @Underdoggraphix

The Marlins are currently leading all of Major League Baseball in shifts and it’s not working…

The shift has been constantly hurting the team in games they should be winning. Routine ground balls turn into singles and sometimes even doubles. Double plays are not getting turned because the fielders are not in position to turn it.

A prime example occurred in yesterday’s game against the Cincinnati Reds. Pablo Lopez had two runners on with Joey Votto at the plate. Lopez got Votto to an 0-2 count when Votto pushed the ball in the spot where the shortstop would usually be that was vacated because of the shift.

The result was an RBI single for Joey Votto and getting the Reds off and rolling. Lopez would’ve been out of the inning if Miguel Rojas was in normal position without the shift.

Next batter up after Votto, was Yasiel Puig who made the Marlins pay for their love of shifting. Puig lined a double down the left field line. That inning where the Reds scored three runs would’ve never happened if the Marlins didn’t shift.

Wherever Mattingly and the analytics team is getting the information that is causing the shifting need to double check their source because the information they are using is clearly not helping the Marlins in a positive way.

Teams who have played the Marlins so far have a .239 wOBA against the shift. Entering yesterday’s game, that’s 7th highest in the Majors.

At this point I hope MLB bans the shift just so Mattingly can stop using it to basically hurt us. It gets frustrating to see the batter hit the ball in the spot where a defender would usually be but wasn’t because he was on the other side of the infield and later having him score on another base hit.