Sandy Alcantara is Nasty

Sandy Alcantara is Nasty

You guys know my feelings toward Sandy Alcantara. If this is the first ever Marlins article you’ve read that is mine, let me introduce you to my feelings. I wholeheartedly believe that Alcantara is the best pitcher on the Marlins’ roster. I’m talking starters and bullpen. Now, let me be clear for a second. I’m not talking about his numbers. I’m simply talking about his stuff because his stuff is nasty. So nasty that I felt the need to write a quick article to discuss it with you guys.

I mean COME ON. LOOK AT THAT 92 MPH CHANGE-UP. I actually believe that all caps does not express my true feelings of that pitch.

Is everything he throws nasty?

Short answer, yes. Long answer, absolutely. Alright, obviously I’m having fun with you guys now, but I mean how could I not. Alcantara has legit number 1 stuff. With ALL of this being said, my feelings don’t change but my expectations for him are. Basically, we know that he has the stuff. But, will he ever put it together on a consistent basis? I can’t even remember how many times I’ve talked about how important it is for Alcantara to throw strikes. In today’s start, he walked four batters and struck out just two. Alcantara SHOULD NEVER have a game where he walks more guys than he strikes out. SIMPLE AS THAT.

I know I’m using my caps than usual today, but it’s the only way that I can even come close to expressing my feelings on this. I would kill to have Alcantara’s stuff. I’m being serious. If I was faced with one of those movie situations where I just have to press a button and someone randomly dies, I would probably do it for Alcantara’s stuff. Obviously, I would have to make sure no one in my family dies. But other than that, sorry world. I bring this to light because I don’t want to see Alcantara’s potential wash away like the seashells on the coastline. Was that too corny? Maybe.


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