Terrible Mistakes by the Loria Regime Haunting Marlins

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Wei-Yin Chen has been nothing but a bigger disappointment than we previously anticipated before the season even began. Chen has appeared in three games this season and has given up a run or more in two of the three appearances. However, in his first appearance against the Colorado Rockies he allowed the first two batters he faced to reach base. Veteran reliever Sergio Romo came in to get out of the jam Chen created.

Hence, last night against the Cincinnati Reds, who at the time held a 1-8 record, Chen was lit up for 10 earned runs, four home runs while walking two and a hit by pitch. Quite literally the worst relief outing in Marlins history.

Chen is under contract through the 2021 season and will make approximately $58 million. With Chen being owed so much money, there is a close to no chance that there is a another team willing to take him in a trade. Even without the money, what team in their right mind would trade for a pitcher who has a 24.00+ ERA in four innings of work with 11 earned runs to his name.

Chen is a prime example of the incompetence that is the Loria regime. Handing out bad contracts for players who did not deserve such luxury. For that reason, you may be thinking what other bad contracts did they hand out to unproductive pitchers. Well, here’s a sample size below.

Bad, Worse, and Ugly:

Wei-Yin Chen: 5 year- $80 Million

Heath Bell: 3 year – $27 Million

Edinson Volquez: 2 year – $22 Million

Brad Ziegler: 2 year- $16 Million

Junichi Tazawa: 2 year – $12 Million

All of these contracts were given out by the Loria regime and I’m sure some Marlins’ fans don’t even remember some of these names or when these deals occurred. Furthermore, not only did the Loria regime give out bad contracts, they gave away great prospects. Two examples are in the Majors right now and are succeeding.

Those two prospects are San Diego Padres starting pitching prospect Chris Paddack and Cincinnati Reds Ace Luis Castillo who pitched against the Marlins last night.

Paddack is 0-0 in two games started with a 1.04 ERA and 11 strikeouts. Castillo is 1-1 in three games started with 25 strikeouts in 19.2 innings pitched. Now who did the Marlins get in return for these two stud prospects? Chris Paddack was traded for Fernando Rodney straight up with the San Diego Padres.

Luis Castillo was traded along with Austin Brice and Isaiah White to the Reds. That was for Dan Straily who was released at the end of 2019 Spring Training. Yet, uneducated fans still would rather have Loria over Jeter as the owner.

Earlier today, former President of the Miami Marlins, David Samson who was fired when Jeter took over, “apologized” on twitter after Luis Castillo carved up the Marlins last night. The tweet is attached below.

To summarize, it shows that the Marlins were run by idiotic executives who just did things for the hell of it.

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