Marlins Score Two Runs in 28 Innings, Where is the Offense?

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Marlins score two runs in 28 innings, where is the offense? 

Today, Thursday the 18th, is an off-day for the Marlins. This might be one of the most needed off-days is MLB history. The Marlins have a historically bad offense. If you take out the 10-run outburst against the Phillies, the Marlins have scored just eight runs in their last 10 games. That stretch included four shutouts. For this most recent series against the Chicago Cubs, the Marlins scored just two runs. Where is the offense?

Two runs in 28 innings?

How can a major league team score just two runs in 28 innings? No, seriously how can this happen? My only thought is kind of what I’ve been saying all off-season. This roster is not a roster of major league caliber players. It sort of feels like the movie Major League. You know, when they are just basically having try-outs and calling people in off the street. That is how it feels like the 2019 Marlins constructed their roster.

I honestly don’t think that is too harsh. The Marlins have 2.53 runs per game average for the 2019 season. In 2018, the Marlins were in dead last for this stat with 3.66 runs per game. Think about that for a second, the Marlins were the worst team in the league last year in terms of scoring runs. This year, they are a full run worse than they were in 2018.

When will this change?

If I can be honest with you, I’m not sure it will. The Marlins have an extremely tough stretch of games coming up. They will not play a team even close to their level until May 21st when they start a 3-game series with the Detroit Tigers. Starting tomorrow, the Marlins will play these teams in this order; Washington, Cleveland, Philadelphia, Cleveland, Atlanta, Chicago, New York Mets, Tampa Bay, and New York Mets. Every single team during this stretch is over .500 and has a good chance to make the playoffs. I know it is super early to even mention that, but I think it shows the caliber of a team each one is.

I’m rooting for the Marlins to score more runs, but it is almost becoming a joke at this point. I mean two runs in 28 innings is almost unbelievable.


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